Let's Talk Autism

Born Autistic

September 26, 2021 Season 5 Episode 5
Let's Talk Autism
Born Autistic
Show Notes

On the 20th September 2021 the BBC published THAT article with the headline "Early baby therapy could reduce autism diagnosis" Following this article were breakout articles from other mainstream media such as the Telegraph. 
The autistic community and parents of autistic children have been left hurt, upset, and angered by the article. After an overwhelming week on social media which has brought us together in a strength of forces against these types of damaging reports we spoke to Tom, Casey and Sez. 
Our three guests this week are autistic individuals who speak about the damaging effects of the article and the response Sez received from the Telegraph. An amazing chat with our guests as we discuss the implications of this type of article and the response from the autistic community in regards to it. 
You can find our guests at:
Sez Francis - instagram - @sezfrancis1
Tom Watts - instagram @tomwattsdop
Casey - @caseys_asd_journey
Meesh - @thecockneybloggirl
Chrissy - @chrissybaby10