Let's Talk Autism

Downs Syndrome with Lauren Hilaire

September 11, 2021 Meesh and Christelle Season 5 Episode 4
Let's Talk Autism
Downs Syndrome with Lauren Hilaire
Show Notes

We are back this week with an amazing episode with Lauren Hilaire. Lauren has graced the covers of Vogue as well as many TV adverts and campaigns world wide. Lauren talks about her journey, about Downs Syndrome and the groups which have supported her through her life. We speak about "Our Voice" a group for Downs Syndrome adults and children which have helped many. We are joined by Lauren's dad Julian who talks about Lauren's birth and their journey as a family. 
Lauren is an inspirational young lady with fighting spirit and a determination and ambition to show anybody that they can be whoever they want to be. "I am unique" Lauren tells us and talks about her modelling ambitions and her future plans. 
We thank Lauren and her family for the wonderful chat and sharing their journey with us! 
You can follow Lauren at @laurenhilaire_zebedee 

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