Let's Talk Autism

Asperger's, PDA and Masking through Uni Life

May 11, 2022 Meesh and Christelle Season 6 Episode 3
Let's Talk Autism
Asperger's, PDA and Masking through Uni Life
Show Notes

TW - Alcohol addiction

This weeks episode is with the wonderful Rick. Ricky talks so very honestly and openly about his diagnosis of Aspergers and PDA aged 11. Ricky tells us more about what PDA is and how PDA affects his life.
Ricky is a university student and tells us how he masks almost constantly and the effects this has on him and his mental well being. He talks about the social aspects of uni life and how he has used alcohol as a coping strategy to mask what Ricky describes as "his authentic self."
Ricky is an amazing young man who offers so much advice and information in this episode. An absolute pleasure talking to him. You can find Ricky at instagram account @rixk.y

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